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"Safety is job n.1" - CERN's safety* policy
*the term "Safety" includes occupational health and safety, environmental protection, safety of equipment and installations, operational safety ; in this order of priority.

F. Gianotti (CERN Director-General), A. Ball (CMS Technical Coordinator), J. Butler (CMS Spokesperson), T. Camporesi (CERN Team Leader), N. Dupont (CMS LEXGLIMOS), W. Zeuner (CMS deputy TC and deputy LEXGLIMOS)


Photo: Joe Butler

CMS Constitution and "A great year ahead of us" (presentation from CERN Director General)

The primary commitment of CMS Safety is the safety and well-being of members of personnel (MPE and MPA), contractors and visitors. In conjunction with the safety officers, the HSE Unit and the Fire and Rescue Service, we have instituted an array of safety measures and training course to help people involved in the CMS experiment to operate in a safe working environment.

Emergency (smoke, fire, accident, pollution, flood, etc.) : 7 44 44 (+41 22 767 44 44)

Technical Coordination Team On-call : 16 5000 (+41 75 411 5000)

CMS Safety Websites

CMS Safety folder on EDMS

CMS Twiki Home page - Safety tour itinerary - Shift leader (SLIMOS) instructions - Technical (ex-DCS) shifter instructions - Oncall contact list

Safety Training and Awareness

Validity of the Safety training courses are accessible here, and all available Safety courses can be seen in the FAQ.

Web-based courses on SIR (Safety Information Registration).

The list of specialized courses is available on the CERN training and development webpage.

Register for the Self-rescue mask (ex Biocell) course. If there is any urgency, please contact Marion Thyes or

Register for the first-aid course at CERN (1 d.). Please contact in order to participate (mandatory for all CMS guides).

Register for the "CMS level 2" first-aid course. If you are already a CERN first-aider, and interested in becoming a level 2 first-aider, please contact

Register for the fire extinguisher course at CERN (mandatory for level 2 first-aider).

Register for the emergency guide (fire-warden, evacuation guide or crowd manager in case of an emergency) course (mandatory for level 2 first-aider): please contact

Register for the CMS SLIMOS course. Registration and more infos here: see the FAQ

CERN Safety Websites

CERN HSE Unit Website

In case of emergencies: Fire and Rescue Service and Medical Service

Additional contacts for emergencies in France and Switzerland.

Safety Officers Support (SOS)

Internal accident report on EDH (A2)

More infos and documents about safety and accidents declaration : see the CERN Accident and Safety Admin e-guides.

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